Leslie Bobb

I came to Lisa with virtually no understanding of what it would take to get my website up, and very little idea of what I even wanted.  She patiently guided me through the entire process. I was impressed and grateful that she took time reviewing other websites with me, asking probing questions, as we developed what my style would be together. She then handled putting everything together, linking up my social media, and advising me on features I never would have thought to put together on my own. Even more importantly, she provided me with easy to understand instructions so that I could handle the site on my own. I am comforted knowing that I have someone of Lisa’s caliber and integrity on my team! My website is my face to the world and it is important that it reflect me, and that it be a safe and functional place for people to visit. Lisa has made that happen. Finally, starting a business is hard and busy work, she gets that, and her patience, flexibility and prices exemplify that understanding. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!