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Review: Microsoft Expression Web 4

I use many tools to design web sites for my clients. While Adobe Dreamweaver is the de facto tool for many, it is only one tool in my toolbox. I have been a fan of Microsoft’s FrontPage since it was first developed / owned by Vermeer. Through its many iterations over the years, I have been a dedicated user. When they split FrontPage between SharePoint Designer and the new product called Expression Web I wasn’t sure I was going to be the fan I was formerly.

Here are some of the “cool” features of Expression Web which you might want to investigate further before you lay out the big bucks for Adobe’s products.

Expression Web SuperPreviewSuper Preview

SuperPreview speeds browser compatibility testing because it allows you to debug your web pages by previewing them in multiple browsers at the same time — side by side. Currently they support Internet Explorer (of course), Firefox and Safari. (Where is Google Chrome? According to my web stats it is used more than Safari by my users.)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Expression Web includes SEO report that lists items that need fixing to improve page rank (like missing alt tags on images, page keywords or description or H1 tags).

Easy Extendability

If you know HTML and Javascript you can extend Expression Web’s capabilities by creating panels, menu commands and even new features.

Expression Web Default ScreenProfessional Code Editor

The code editor includes Intellisense, color coding, support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and ASP.NET. There is also real-time standards validation so you know if you are messing something up immediately and don’t have to wait until you try to view the page in a browser.

Photoshop imports

One of the nicest features to be added to this version of Expression Web is the ability to import Photoshop files directly into Expression Web. You even get complete control over the layers and the format of the converted images (GIF, JPEG or PNG). It also remembers your selections so that if you need to reimport the PSD file again you don’t need to try to figure out what you did the first time.