Church Website Package

Over 90% of church visitors now say that they heard about the church they are visiting through the internet. As a church, your website serves as a place to cast your vision and help potential visitors understand how their families can plug in. We want to help you accomplish that goal and attract people to your church at the exact time they are looking.

Starting at $1,200

What Intergalactic Web Solutions has to offer

  • A beautiful, responsive custom website that looks great on all devices
  • A site that is optimized for search engines so you can be found
  • A home page that attracts and keeps visitors on your website
  • “Brand” review so that your church is represented consistently across all platforms, i.e., web and social
  • Easy to update
  • Hosting of your choice so you are in control of your monthly fees
  • Video user manual built into site for quick reference
  • Optional premium plugins: Series Engine (sermons), Prayer Engine (prayer calendar or wall), Groups Engine (small groups)
    Additional $99 - $225

The Process

  • You make a down payment to get on the schedule
  • We have a strategy session to determine the goals and features of your website
  • You begin the homework I’ve assigned as well as gather all website content
  • I schedule your project and am available if you have any questions
  • You: All content and homework due
  • You: Login info due
  • Me: Start outlining the site
  • Me: Create a wireframe of the home page
  • You: Provide feedback on the wireframe
  • Me: Tweak the wireframe based upon your feedback
  • You: Provide feedback on the home page wireframe
  • Me: Make final revisions to wireframe
  • You: Approve final wireframe
  • Me: Make three to five “Style Tiles” for your review
  • You: Provide feedback on “Style Tiles"
  • Me: Consolidate feedback into one “Style Tile”
  • You: Provide feedback on “Style Tile”
  • Me: Make final edits to “Style Tile”
  • You: Approve final “Style Tile”
  • Me: Create home page concept
  • You: Provide feedback on home page concept
  • Me: Make revisions to home page concept
  • You: Provide feedback on home page concept
  • Me: Make final revisions to home page concept
  • You: Approve home page concept
  • Me: Create mockups of any additional pages that may be needed
  • You: Provide feedback on mockups
  • Me: Set up development environment
  • Me: Using approved home page concept and mockups, I build out the site
  • You: Available for any questions I may have during the build
  • Me: Continue developing the website
  • You: Answer any questions I have as I create the site
  • You: Review development site and provide feedback
  • Me: Make tweaks to development site
  • You: Approve revisions to development site
  • Me: Prepare product site for new design and content
    (time needed for this varies between new and updated sites)
  • You: Make final payment
  • Me: Launch the site on your hosting account


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