51 Amazing WordPress Facts

Choosing WordPress Over Other Platforms Can Improve Your Online Business

As a business owner, you want to present your company and your brand in the best way possible. Today, an online presence is a must for all small and large businesses. Electronic commerce is in its golden era, and you don’t want to miss out. Having a website can seem arduous; all that work that goes into attracting traffic and boosting sales. WordPress, if you by any chance haven’t heard, is the perfect blogging platform both for novices and seasoned webmasters. It makes websites appear polished and professional. It is easy to mould to your liking and is SEO friendly. Here are 51 amazing WordPress facts you may or may not have heard before.

first version of WordPress

First introduced in 2003, WordPress is today the undeniable hero among the other blogging platforms. Over 28% of all websites are powered by WordPress, and the future will only bring more of them.

WordPress used by 48% of top 1M websites worldwide

Available in more than 72 languages, it is the favourite content management system for both amateur and professional bloggers and website owners. Among the most prominent brands powered by WordPress are Bata, Forbes, eBay, Coca-Cola, and Vogue.

Neglecting the importance of a blogging platform can often cause the downfall of a website. As small businesses sometimes lack a professional team of programmers, choosing to build a website powered by WordPress is the safest option. Due to its open-source nature, simplicity, and its 5-minutes install process, it can be set up by even the most unskilled webmasters.

Over 50,000 plugins available for WordPress

WordPress is also more flexible than other platforms. It uses many plugins that make it easier for developers to add more features and functions to the website. Since website speed is important, there are many efficient plugins for making it faster.

Another perk is that small businesses can easily operate online with WordPress’ WooCommerce plugin, a free and creative solution. It powers over 28% of all online stores. The design of your ecommerce site is essential since it’s the first impression visitors get. There are numerous free as well as paid WordPress themes. You can choose whichever theme suits your business best.

Additional options are setting up WordPress to share your older content and scheduling it to post on social media at regular intervals.

WordPress older than Facebook or Twitter

Because of the current obsession with social media, websites that are active on social networks have an advantage over those that don’t. The above-mentioned plugins can help you add ‘share’ buttons effortlessly. Some of the best include AddThis, Shareaholic, and Flare.

When Google announced that every website must be mobile friendly, WordPress users were the only ones not worrying. WordPress powered websites were already mobile friendly and those that weren’t only had to install a plugin.

WordPress most requested job skill worldwide

As stated before, business owners with no previous programming skills can face some obstacles in the beginning. WordPress is a great community-based software and it’s very supportive of newbies. Its support forum helps with any uncertainties.

WordPress is the platform of choice for many developers, top companies, bloggers and even celebrities. By using WordPress, you can rest assured that your website will thrive, and your business will only get bigger and stronger.

WordPress Facts Infographic